We miss you in so many ways,
We miss the things you used to say,
And when old times we do recall,
It’s then we miss you most of all.



By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Greg Allor (Deceased 2014)
Paul Anderson (Deceased 1978)
Don Arndt (Deceased Year Unknown)  
George Baird (Deceased 2016)  
Gary Beauchemin (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Ron Borowski (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Christina Brown (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Louis Budnick (Deceased 2015)
Sherry Burr (Glueck) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Sharon Carver (Lech) (Deceased 2022)
Paul Cowells (Deceased 2017)
Maureen Duncan (Deceased 1976)  
Janice Emery (Deceased 2002)  
Richard Evanoff (Deceased 2020)  
Sue Fabilli (Badalamenti) (Deceased 2022)
Ralph Filary (Deceased 1983)  
Korey Frank (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Gordon Gabriel (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Bob Gatto (Deceased 2009)  
Mark Graulich (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Bill Halapi (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Glen Hall (Deceased 2022)
Jim Haratyk (Deceased 2006)  
Judy Hill (Deceased 1976)  
Douglas Jensenius (Deceased 1997)  
Jon Kawecki (Deceased 2007)  
Kathleen Klida (Deceased 1983)
Daniela Kollar (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Joseph Langford (Deceased 2022)
Gene Logghe (Deceased 2019)  
Real Magnan (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Dee Matthews (Deceased 2005)
Rich Matthews (Deceased 2004)  
Glenn Neiman (Deceased 2015)  
Martin Overturf (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Kenneth Paquette (Deceased 2001)  
Russell Poirier (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Dave Prohaska (Deceased 2013)  
Robert Quinn (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Dan Ragle (Deceased 2010)  
John Riha (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Marie Ritter (Deceased 2010)  
Brian Smythe (Deceased Year Unknown)
Karen Sounart (Deceased 2016)  
Timothy Surma (Deceased 2004)  
Mark Swope (Deceased 2022)
Lynn Trongo (Deceased 2021)
Marc VAN Sumer (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Ray Visconti (Deceased 2013)  
Deborah Watson (McNeill) (Deceased 2024)
Kathleen Zelmanski (Deceased 2007)  
Edward Zielinski (Deceased 2013)
Robert Zublick (Deceased 2009)  

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