Milestone 50 Year Reunion

Hope everyone's ready for a wonderful summer, filled with lots of good times with everyone we missed while being safe and socially distanced for COVID-19.  I know I'm ready to get out and re-connect with friends!

We will be having our 50th reunion before you know it.  We are looking forward to seeing so many of our old friends!  It is still 2 years away - booking a hall needs to be done way in advance so we are getting started with collecting your thoughts for our milestone party.

We are looking for feedback, so please take the time to respond to this 6 question survey and let us know if you are interested.  We've still got about two years to plan - we'll keep this survey open for quite a while, hoping that classmates will log in and provide a response.   We'll send out feedback and some preliminary results at a later date.

If you know anyone from our class that hasn't logged into our site, please pass along the link and ask them to jump on and become a member.  


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1)   * Are you interested in attending our 50 year reunion?

  Maybe - will wait until closer to reunion date
2)   * The 50 year reunion would be held sometime in 2023 - what time of year would you prefer?

  Winter - 2023
  Spring - 2023
  Summer - 2023
  Fall - 2023
  Anytime Works for Me
3)   Do you have any suggestions for the venue type/place for the event? We are looking for any and all suggestions. If you know of a really nice place, please include the name and location, so that we can reach out and get the rental details.

Banquet Hall
VFW/Eagles Club
4)   Would you like to have a cash bar, an open bar, only beer/wine?

  Cash Bar
  Open Bar
  Only Beer and Wine
  Doesn't Matter

Please keep in mind that answers to this question do affect the cost of the ticket.
5)   Would you like to have a DJ or some other type of entertainment?

Yes No
6)   Please provide any additional feedback that we can use to make this event our best ever! If you'd like to suggest a specific location to hold the reunion, or an entertainment experience, we'd love to hear your ideas.

If you comment on including other school alumni, we'll need a contact person to work with on building a list of attendees (the event will be by invitation only, no walk-ins, so we'll need name/address for outside school chums from days past).