Interested in a 45 Year Reunion?

Gee, seems like we just attended the 40 year reunion smiley

We all had a great time, and many expressed interest in getting together for a 45 year reunion.  This event would not be as formal, maybe meet at a local restaurant that has a banquet room.  Or maybe a VFW or Eagles Club?  How about a bowling alley?  Someplace where we can have a cash bar and have finger food or an inexpensive dinner. 

We are looking for feedback, so please take the time to respond to this 5 question survey and let us know if you are interested.  We've still got about two years to plan - we'll keep this survey open for several months, hoping that classmates will log in and provide a response.   We'll send out feedback at a later date.


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1)   * Are you interested in attending a 45 year reunion?

  Maybe - will wait until closer to reunion date
2)   * The 45 year reunion would be held sometime in 2018 - what time of year would you prefer?

  Fall 2018
  Winter 2018
  Spring 2018
  Summer 2018
  Anytime works for me
3)   Do you have any suggestions for the type of venue for the event?

Banquet Hall
Bowling Alley
VFW/Eagles Club
4)   * Would you like to have food available?

  Finger food
  No food, just cash bar
  Pot luck
5)   * Would you like to have a DJ or some other type of entertainment?

Yes No